Vermejo Park Ranch provides abundant, mature animals, low hunter density, expansive habitat and practices conscionable sustainability. For more information or to book a Vermejo hunt, please contact our Hunt Coordinator at:

(575) 445-3097 –

General Terms and Conditions


Hunt packages on Vermejo Park Ranch are considered “booked” when a 50% deposit of the total price of the package is on file with our Reservations Desk.

A grace period of 10 business days is given from the day of written or verbal request to pay the deposit to the Reservations Desk via check or credit card. If an invoice is required, please indicate so at time of booking.

The total hunt cost is due by July 31st of the calendar year of the hunt; March 1st for turkey hunts.

Hunt reservations not paid in full by July 31st of the calendar year of the hunt will be cancelled and resold. Hunts booked after July 31st for the same calendar year, require full payment.

Individuals booking for multiple hunters are required to notify all hunters in their party of payment instructions in writing (e-mail is sufficient). All persons paying will be held to this deposit policy. Only those in the party who have a confirmed deposit will be booked and only those with full payment as per this policy will be granted hunting privileges.

Hunts can be booked no more than two years in advance and are subject to the deposit policy listed above.

Dates and rates are subject to change; however, the price at the time of booking will be honored if a 50% deposit has been received.

Exceptions to the policies listed above are made at the sole discretion of management.


Rates include lodging, meals, license and trespass fee, guide service, on-site transportation state sales tax, and selected amenities available at the time of your stay.

Rates do not include alcoholic beverages, Company Store purchases or customary gratuities to hospitality staff and guides.

Unless specifically stated, meat processing is not included in the hunt fee.

Late arrivals or early departures are subject to the full booking fee. No refunds or discounts will be offered.

Observer rate includes lodging & meals.


In the unfortunate event you must cancel your hunt at Vermejo Park Ranch, refunds of deposit are available under the following circumstances:

  • Cancellations made prior to April 30th: refund of deposit is available, minus a 15% administrative fee; January 30th for Turkey hunts
  • Cancellations made after April 30th: 80% of deposit is available for refund if a client of similar value can be booked for the same date; January 30th for Turkey hunts
  • Cancellations made after August 1st: no refund of deposit is available.; March 1 for Turkey hunts.

* Vermejo no longer transfers deposits or reservations to subsequent years. Refunds of deposit overages are made at time of departure.

* Exceptions to this policy are made at the sole discretion of Vermejo Park Ranch management on a case by case basis.


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