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Stream at Vermejo Park Ranch - Fishing and Shooting


With 17 fishable lakes and approximately 30 miles of pristine stream, Vermejo Park Ranch is a world-class fishing destination and Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodge, where avid fishermen have flocked to for over a century. In the early 1900’s, previous owner William Bartlett constructed many of our well-known trout fishing venues on the Ranch, which continue to provide unparalleled sport for anglers of all types.

We’ve made fishing simple for all levels of angling skills. Either grab a map and gear directly from our fish house and head out on your own, or schedule a private guide to take you right to the best spots. Walk the river banks and sight cast to rainbow trout, browns and brookies, enjoy world-class dry fly fishing and deep nymphing, or cast from one of our many boats.

If moving water is your game, our 30 miles of stream provide a casting adventure across varying terrain, where you can reel in wild trout from the meandering waters in the High Country or the iconic setting of the Vermejo River. Guests will often notice wildlife such as bison and bald eagles while fishing and enjoying the incredible views of Vermejo mountain peaks.

Sport Shooting

Vermejo Park Ranch offers an array of shooting ranges designed to be safe and enjoyable for guests of all levels of ability, whether you are an expert or beginner. Our guides will educate guests on proper firearm safety, technique and handling, as well as provide all equipment necessary to shoot sporting clays, archery and rifles.

Guests can sign up to visit one of our ranges on the Ranch schedule, or book a private guide to have the range all to yourself.

5-Stand is a great place to get an introduction to firearms and firearm safety, where guests can learn to shoot a gun for the very first time. This range involves a variety of shots from five different shooting stands.

Sporting Clays involves walking to ten different stations, each station with a different configuration to provide varying levels of difficulty.

Rifle Shooting is another great activity for a beginners and experts alike. Our small caliber rifles, handguns and reactive targets make this one of the most exciting ways to enjoy shooting, while also learning the proper techniques on how to safely handle different types of firearms.


If you prefer bow and arrow, experience Vermejo’s 3D archery course. This unique course is different than most that simply offer target shooting from one fixed location. Our course has eight well-placed stations of 3D targets depicting different types of animals along a trail. Guests hike from one station to the next, and test their shooting ability from varying distances, angles and through obstacles such as trees and bushes.

Our archery guides will size and fit each guest with a proper bow, and educate on proper safety handling. This course is designed to be enjoyable for all ages and skill levels!

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