Frequently Asked Questions

Vermejo Park Ranch Interior - Chairs

What is Ted Turner Expeditions and what is its relation to Vermejo Park Ranch?
Ted Turner Expeditions is philanthropist and conservationist Ted Turner’s newest hospitality venture that delivers eco-conscious journeys, individually crafted and tailored to their specific locales: Vermejo Park Ranch, Ladder Ranch, Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa and Armendaris Ranch in southern New Mexico, and St. Phillips Island off the coast of South Carolina.

Launched in 2015, Ted Turner Expeditions’ unique adventures are intended to deliver an insightful and restorative experience, while also providing extraordinary guest service. Fundamental to Ted Turner Expeditions’ operations is its steadfast commitment to making a difference by inspiring individual action to preserve the integrity of our natural world.
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What are your rates?

Casa Grande 2016 Rates

Costilla 2016 Rates

Visit our Accommodations page for the 2016 rates for other Vermejo Park Ranch accommodations.

Is there mobile phone service at Vermejo Park?
Yes. We receive service for AT&T*, T-Mobile and Plateau Wireless networks. Due to our remote location, no other mobile service providers are available.
If your cellphone carrier is not one that from whom we receive service, you are welcome to use a landline in our offices, located in first floor of the Main Lodge, at any time.*

*Please note that added expense for long-distance phone calls will be added to your final bill.
*AT&T Go Phones cannot receive service on our property.
Do you have Internet access?
Yes, there is internet access at Casa Grande, Costilla Lodge and in the Main Lodge; however, please be aware that internet is not high-speed. The great distance from any major city makes the connection a bit slow. Getting offline and reconnecting with nature is, however, part of the complete ranch experience.

What is included in the basic nightly rate?
Your room and all meals are included. The breakfast buffet is available from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Delicious boxed lunches are packed for our guests participating in outdoor activities, while all other guests eat at either the Main Lodge or Costilla Lodge, depending on where they stay. Gourmet dinners are served every night in the dining room of the Main Lodge and Costilla Lodge for those staying there.

Alcoholic beverages, customary staff gratuities, long distance phone calls, Vermejo Company Store purchases and sales tax are not included in the basic nightly rate.

What transportation should I take to the Ranch?
Guests will need some means of transportation (either your own, rented or chartered vehicle) to get to Vermejo’s New Mexico cabins. If you’ve hired a guide, he will escort you to your destination(s) throughout the property in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. If you’ve chosen not to hire a guide, then you may drive your car or truck through certain areas of the property as you wish.

Note: We do not recommend compact sedans, and your vehicle’s tires should be 6 ply or higher.