Cowboys and Indians Magazine Cover: "The Majestic West"

The fate of any visitor to Vermejo Park Ranch, the biggest of Ted Turner’s massive conservation properties, is to know the exhilaration of reveling in nature’s widest open spaces. At 585,000 semiarid acres, it is the largest contiguous privately owned property in the West, spanning 920 square miles in New Mexico and Colorado, from the Great Plains to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

That’s plenty big enough for the approximately 8,000 Rocky Mountain elk, 1,500 North American bison, 2,000 mule deer, 500 pronghorn antelope, 100 feral horses, and 200 species of birds that flourish in five ecosystems, along with 1,094 species of plants. And it’s plenty big enough for guests who come with cameras to explore the great outdoors and capture nature unobstructed… please read the full article at Cowboys & Indians.